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candycam's Journal

Kandy Kam :.: Raverwhores Unite!
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to CandyCam!

This community is a place for all ravers of all nations to come and pimp their pics... in other words, paste in pictures of yourself and your friends and let us tell you how gorgeous you are!

We like brite people with brite hair and brite clothes! Colour is essential to ravers... so show us your colours!

This community does not have many rules, so stick to them or you will find yourself banned!

The rules....

1) No bitchy comments or catfights, save that for your private journals...no-one else wants to hear it.
2) If you are posting more than one pic, or a large pic, post it behind an LJ-Cut
3) Don't post more than 5 times a day
4) When you first join, please introduce yourself, and tell us your age, where you are from etc...
5) No off-topic posts, quizzes etc are allowed as long as they are to do with ravers.

If you have any suggestions, comments or questions contact parkagirl, community maintainer. If you are experiencing abuse while using the community please contact the maintainer immediately.


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