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hey ya*all... i*m angie ~~> a raver from southern wisconsin.... therefore i go to parties in the chicago area and in the madison/milwaukee area... i am 27 but go ahead and tell me i look younger... i LUV it!
<3 ~angie~
p.s. i read all the rulez before joining and there was nothing about advertising so i hope my next post doesn*t offend... i just think someone here might enjoy my auctions... have fun!! ;);)

most important show ever

Sorry, this is going to be a short post but it's 2:30 am and I have a class tomorrow. My girlfriend and I are looking to go to Hullabaloo for the last show. We live in Springfield, MO and need a ride. Is anyone coming from Missouri, through here, or know anyone headed that way? It would be really PLURific of anyone who could help. If you need anymore info or have questions, feel free to ask.

Tiesto In Concert II (DVD)

Check it out everyone


Tiesto In Concert II (DVD)
DJ Tiesto

Once again, Tiësto has left his mark on the history of dance music when he returns with a new installment of Tiësto In Concert. This time he has outdone himself by doing 2 shows in Arnhem, Holland (October 29th and 30th, 2004) and a show in Hasselt, Belgium (November 6th, 2004), sharing his music and vision with over 70,000 fans! The theme of the 2004 shows is 'Magik', a word that has become sort of a trademark for the 3-time winner (2002, 2003, 2004) of DJ magazine’s Top 100 DJ list. All sorts of magik was incorporated into the shows, complimenting Tiësto's sounds with visual entertainment and grandeur. The shows included several guest performers showcasing their talents by performing with and alongside Tiësto during the night, such as Matt Hales (Aqualung), DJ Mason, and world-class magician Franz Harary to name a few, plus the unique images of Dutch VJ Micha Klein, the Bulgarian Children of Orpheus choir, loads of fireworks and more...
This 3-hour DVD shows you Tiësto In Concert II in a way a dance-event has never before been captured, showing you the event from all corners of the stadium, and let's you relive it as if you're a part of the audience. Many extra features let you explore Tiësto In Concert and beyond even more. It's simply Magik!

Tiësto - Forever Today
Tiësto - Olympic Flame
Fred Baker vs Nyram - Confirmation
Fred Baker - Total Blackout
Tiësto - Breda 8PM (DJ Montana Edit)
Thomas Datt - 2V2 (Robert Nickson Mix)
DJ Ernesto - Stop 9.5 (Phynn Salvation Mix)
Primer - Everlast (Original Mix)
Ridgewalkers - Find (Andy Moor Mix)
Tiësto featuring DJ Mason - Euphoria
Whirlpool & Octagen - Alaska
Electrovoya - Effervesce
Tiësto featuring Matt Hales from Aqualung - UR
Allure - Eastern Magik
Phynn - Lucid
Rob Rolefes - Mel Percuetek
Tiësto featuring BT - Love Comes Again (Original 12” Version).
DJ Danjo & Rob Styles - Duende (Original Mix)
Rank 1 - Beatz At Rank-1 Dotcom
Children of Orpheus - Open Your Heart
DJ Tiësto featuring Children of Orpheus - Suburban Train
Tiësto featuring Kirsty Hawkshaw - Just Be (Antillas Club Mix)
Tiësto - Adagio for Strings.
Tiësto featuring DJ Mason - Lethal Industry (Tiësto Edit).
Tiësto - Magikal Circus.
Tiësto - Goldrush (DJ Montana Remix).
Tiësto - Traffic (DJ Montana 12” Edit).
Kay D. Smith & Marc Tall present - Passive Resistance
Jesselyn - Omnia (Tech-Trance Mix).
Dark Alliance - Vibration.
Delerium – Silence featuring Sarah McLachlan

Please Support

Hello everyone I am a new member to this community and I am asking for your letters of support so we can let our government know we as citizens will not stand for these actions against the rave scene. Please send your e-mail support letters to raverworldwideunited@yahoo.com

"Last year our supporters helped raise attention to an outrageous abuse of power in Racine, Wisconsin, where hundreds of music fans were ticketed for being in a crowded nightclub where a few people used drugs. Those ticketed had no drugs on them. The police didn’t even have any evidence that they had ever used drugs. Their only “crime” was dancing at a nightclub where other people who used drugs were arrested. Although only three drug arrests were made, police issued citations to 445 innocent attendees with a penalty of $968 each for being "patrons of a disorderly house." Thanks to a public outcry from people like you, work by the Drug Policy Alliance, and an ACLU lawsuit, the citations were ultimately dismissed.

Now, it has happened again; this time in Flint, Michigan. On Saturday the local police raided a popular nightclub, Club What’s Next, and ticketed hundreds of music fans who were attending a dance night known as “Getting Lucky” (the DJs included Halluci-Nate, Sparkimus Prime, White Rabbit, Captain Cheddar and California's Dj Primo.) While some people were arrested for possessing or selling illegal drugs, most people were ticketed for “frequenting a drug establishment,” a misdemeanor offense.

That’s right. In Flint, Michigan (and many other cities) if you go out dancing on a Saturday night and the police happen to arrest other people at the club for drugs, you could be charged with a drug crime even though you had nothing to do with drugs. These innocent party-goers now face up to 90 days in jail and a $500 fine. They also face a criminal record with all the legal and social barriers that brings. Several people that were at the club that night told us club-goers were also subjected to strip searches, including full cavity searches – even though they had nothing to do with drugs. Imagine the police walking into your favorite bar or nightclub and subjecting you to a strip search for no reason! Imagine spending 90 days in jail or paying a $500 fine for dancing!"

I only ask for your support in this because our government is adding this to the list of things we as a free society can no longer do without predudice. Please send you support letters to me at raverworldwideunited@yahoo.com so we can let the government know that we as Americans will not stand for this. This is happening to ravers right now even as i write this. It could very well happen to you at your bar or club, lets take a stand angainst this injustice. Thanks
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I am almost finished getting my first dj set-up (turntables, mixer, headphones, hard trance records, etc.). :-D I'm looking to get some sweet hhc to mix together so I can learn the art of both hhc (my absolute fave) and trance. Does anyone have any suggestions for records?
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