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hi, my name is buttons or jacque... and I just moved to portland, OR and I was wondering if anyone else in this comm. is from there or around there and knows where the raves are cause I am going crazy trying to find them... Thanks!

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We're not 100% up and running yet but please stop by to see what we do have. Book mark us because we'll have alot being added in the next 2 weeks. Also please let me know if you want to be sister sellers.
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teh same 'ol new member stuffs~

Hallo everyone n my name's Jade A.K.A. Mikami!~
I am new to the community of course... and I was just browsin around n realized that I REALLY dont have that much rave/techno music, altho I adore it. -.o;
so I figured, join a community hear there should be lotsa references!
so If anyone could help me with this dilemma and gimme sum names or sumthin 'tis would be appreciated! ^^;

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buy this !

i need money asap >/

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Hey there crazy raver kids, my name is Aaron. I have been put in charge of the dj bookings for a production company ( We are looking to throw an all hhc rave this summer. I am searching for hhc djs who wish to play and are willing to come to Springfield, MO. Send me a link to some of your sets so I can take a listen.
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needing help and input

Okay so here is a quick sketch for a picture i am working on. the pose is bugging me a lil . SO i am asking for help and calling it a contest, lol. For those of you that are models. I need some pics with poses similar to this for reference that i can use to get some ideas how I want to work with the pic. So if you have your own cam or someone that can take pics please email them to

I appreciate anyones help that is able to contribute. plus this gives you guys an idea what my art looks like besides all the bodypainting stuff.


for more of my work see