Hello world!

Not too sure on where to start, so this may be kind of random lol. I'm 21 and enjoy reading, writing, spinning poi, listening to music, photography, dance, raving, cosplay, modeling, designing, art in general, etc. I'm currently working on making a portfolio for photography; making cosplay outfits; and also trying to commission raver phat pants as a side hobby. Here's mine that I made as an example:


Apart from that I'm trying to get into the staging industry for a normal job, which I'm excited about. Can't really think of anything else to say! Feel free to talk to me; I love socializing lol!

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I was trying to teach a friend of mine liquid dancing. And since she couldn't quite grasp it she wanted to look on youtube.

This is apparently how you should dance at a rave

Made my night... =]